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The second Joshua Jones Mystery Novel.

2014 Update

I’m putting together the outline for the next Joshua Jones novel in preparation for writing it in 2014. Hopefully that means you will have it in your hands in 2016, at least the ebook version. Not sure if I’ll do a paperback right away. Depends on how many of you are interested. The title is going to be Kill Dash Nine.

The other exciting news for 2014 is the production of a Joshua Jones Universe short story as a student short film. My short story “The Safe Cracker” is being filmed this fall as a student thesis film. More details later.

Thanks for you patience as this series was on hold for so long.

Hello 2013

I’m still here. Even though I don’t post much these days. Thought I’d pop in today to say “Hi” and thank everyone who’s read Null Pointer. I’m still planning on writing the next Joshua Jones novel – Kill Dash Nine, although I’m not sure exactly when that will be. In the meantime, if you haven’t read the short story “The Safe Cracker” featuring the detective in Null Pointer, give that a read.

Of course the best way to force my hand at writing the next novel would be to start a word-of-mouth campaign that results in big sales numbers. Hint, hint. The ebook for Null Pointer is still only .99 cents and the paperback is available just about anywhere for less than ten bucks. Can’t beat that. I have several loaner copies that I pass out whenever I can. Most coders really enjoy it. Mystery readers are tepid to it though. There’s not a real big audience for programmer sleuths out there. Knitting grannies are apparently far more interesting amateur sleuths.

I have two other novels I need to finish before I can write Kill Dash Nine, so hopefully I’ll start writing about white collar crimes again in 2015. Until then, thanks again for reading!

10 Questions and Answers

Questions and answers about the next Joshua Jones Mystery novel.

1. So now that Null Pointer is officially out, when will you start writing the next Joshua Jones Mystery?

This summer. Yup, I’m working on the outline now and I will start writing in a few months.

2. How long will it take you to finish it?

The first draft will probably take me about 4 to 6 months. Subsequent drafts as little as a month.

3. When can we expect it to be ready for sale?

May of 2012. I know, a whole year from now. But you have to realize, this is not my full-time job. I have a 40 hour a week day job and a family. Writing is just my second job. I moonlight as a Mystery writer.

4. What is the name of the next Joshua Jones Novel?

Kill Dash Nine. In keeping with the precedence set with Null Pointer, it is a programming term: kill -9 is a UNIX command for killing processes or running programs.

5. Will Dancia Rivers be in the next book? How about Detective Plait and Joshua’s other friends?

Dancia, Trip, Steve and Plait are all in Kill Dash Nine. As for how long they are in the book, I can’t divulge.

6. What? Someone we know dies in Kill Dash Nine!

I can’t say. I’m still working out the outline. No promises.

7. Will we get any more short stories set in this series?

Yes. Well, at least I hope so. No promises. I have some ideas but nothing has demanded that I write it yet.

8. Are you going to be attending any conferences this year?

Yes! I’ll be attending Mayhem in the Grove here in Boise, Idaho. You can catch me on a panel talking about ebooks. I should have print books of Null Pointer available for purchase.

9. How many Joshua Jones books can we eventually expect?

I have plans for six books. They even all have titles. But I won’t divulge them this far out, as they could change. The series will progress and does contain an overall theme or story arch. It is all going someplace, trust me.

10. What inspired you to write about white collar crime, and in particular, cyber crime?

I work in the software business. I deal with engineers, programmers and other technical types on a daily basis. Any one of them could kill me any number of ways. They are all evil. No! I’m kidding. I think what makes geeks so interesting as potential criminals is the fact that they are so normal under all the technical babble they use in their jobs. People are people. Most are good, but some are bad. My books explore different and unique ways that technically skilled people can be bad. I think that is more interesting than a gritty detective or a Lawyer or a Police Procedure or even a Doctor. I write what I know and what I find interesting.

Creating a Mystery Series

When I first came up for the idea of a Mystery novel, I was not thinking about creating a series. But as I wrote it, I began to think about it quite a bit. The genre lends itself to the long running series. My programmer sleuth, Joshua Jones has some interesting issues that I only scratched the surface of in that first novel. In later drafts of the book, I clearly dropped hints of a larger story about his background.

In coming up with a series wide story arc, I have decided that there should be six books in the series. How did I come up with that number? I just figured that the story could not reach longer than six books. Not to mention the fact that I don’t see myself writing the same characters for longer than six years without getting bored with them or having exhausted their uniqueness.

Have I mapped out each of the six books yet? Yes and no. I have titles, oddly enough. And I have a big picture outline of the overall story arc. Which is really, really important. But aside from some pretty cool titles, I don’t have plots mapped for each of the four books after Kill Dash Nine. What are the titles, you ask? Here they are:

Null_Pointer, Kill Dash Nine, Return False, Batch Kill, Segfault, and Zero Day