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Kill Dash Nine

My current WIP (Work In Progress) is a mystery about a programmer sleuth named Joshua Jones. The novel will be called Kill Dash Nine, or KD9 for short. Anyone worth their weight in salt will know that the title is a UNIX command (kill -9). Civilian readers will think the title refers to nine people being killed, and they will be correct. Nice how that works out.

The blending of geek culture and murder mysteries is my forte. Not many crime or mystery writers are using programmers as their heroes. Why that is I’m not exactly sure. Many aspects of being a programmer are similar to being a good detective. In fact, when code breaks down, all programmers are detectives until they can completely debug the errors that lead to the breakage.

KD9 has a very dark soul and the topics it explores are disquieting. So most mystery readers will love it. But it also has plenty of tech flavored goo in the middle, to keep nerds like me into the story. It will also not be your typical, lazy summer read. You might learn something and it might require you to think about the topics explored in the book.

But that’s just how I roll.

The Batch Files

“a batch file is a text file containing a series of commands intended to be executed by the command interpreter.” — Wikipedia

Consider me like a command interpreter and this blog a collection of my files containing commands intended to be executed by my readers. These commands are akin to enjoy the story, learn something, and think about technology and how it affects you. Those are the goals of my blog and my fiction.

I hope you come along with me on this journey of discovery and intrigue.