Android Ham Apps

My kids are studying for their Technician Class Ham license this summer. So I thought I’d upload a few fun Ham apps on the Droid. These are the ones I’ve found useful. Pop up your Market and enter these titles:

1. Ham Radio Study – Flash card like study tool with all the current test question pools. Great so far, but no diagrams.

2. Callsign DB – Lets you enter a call sign and find out who it is via the FCC records. Very useful.

3. RF Finder – Look up repeaters in your area or anywhere in the US. This is not a free app, but for only $4.99, it’s pretty useful. Now I don’t have to have that little repeater manual with me.

4. HamSatDroid – This app lets you see when any number of weather and Ham satellites are over head.

5. Call Log – A pretty basic logbook. This one has the call sign look up built-in.

Do you have a favorite Ham app that you use? Let me know in the comments.

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