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2017 Update

It’s finally happening. I’m writing the sequel to Null Pointer. It’s called Kill Dash Nine. The first step is to build a Spotify playlist of songs that will inspire me. You can listen to this playlist here. It’s constantly changing according to my whims. NSFW. The second step is to outline the novel. That is […]

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2016 Update

Wow, I can’t even do yearly updates to this blog. Fail. I haven’t begun writing the next book in this series, largely because the first book, Null Pointer has not exactly padded my wallet. At all. The best way to get an author to write more books that you like is to spread the word […]

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2014 Update

I’m putting together the outline for the next Joshua Jones novel in preparation for writing it in 2014. Hopefully that means you will have it in your hands in 2016, at least the ebook version. Not sure if I’ll do a paperback right away. Depends on how many of you are interested. The title is […]

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Hello 2013

I’m still here. Even though I don’t post much these days. Thought I’d pop in today to say “Hi” and thank everyone who’s read Null Pointer. I’m still planning on writing the next Joshua Jones novel – Kill Dash Nine, although I’m not sure exactly when that will be. In the meantime, if you haven’t […]

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Null Pointer Gifted to Chief TWiT

My good friend Nate McIntyre visited TWiT this Sunday and gave Leo Laporte a copy of my book. I hope he gets a chance to read it or at least pass it on to other folks who would like it. Here it is on the Chief TWiT’s desk. How cool is that?    

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Null Pointer Price Drop

We’ve lowered the price for the Null Pointer ebook in an effort to increase sales. At the moment, there are no plans to bring the price back to $2.99 or higher. There are also no plans for another novel in this “series” to be written this year. I might get to the second novel in […]

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Hello, is this mic on?

I’ve been away from the blog for a few months. Heck, since August. But I’m still kicking. Just not writing much crime stuff these days. I hope to begin work on the next Joshua Jones novel some time late next year. Got other things occupying my brain case at the moment. I appreciate the sales […]

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Box ‘O Books

I’m ready for my signing at Rediscovered Books on First Thursday next month. I ordered an even twenty so I could have some leftovers on hand for emergencies. Here they are, all boxed in, five per stall.

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First Thursday Signing, September First

I’ll be doing a book signing at Rediscovered Books on 8th Street, in Boise next month. I’m the featured author for First Thursday. Looking forward to meeting and talking with the people of my home city. I’ll be selling and signing copies of my mystery novel, NullPointer. So tell all your friends to come out and see me […]

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Membership Drive For PFAI

Calling all fellow writers and readers. Popular Fiction Assoc. of Idaho who puts together the Mayhem in the Grove conference (formerly known as Murder in the Grove) are seeking new members to join our group. Since our conference is now open to all genre fiction, we would like to invite people from all local writing […]

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