Hello 2013

I’m still here. Even though I don’t post much these days. Thought I’d pop in today to say “Hi” and thank everyone who’s read Null Pointer. I’m still planning on writing the next Joshua Jones novel – Kill Dash Nine, although I’m not sure exactly when that will be. In the meantime, if you haven’t read the short story “The Safe Cracker” featuring the detective in Null Pointer, give that a read.

Of course the best way to force my hand at writing the next novel would be to start a word-of-mouth campaign that results in big sales numbers. Hint, hint. The ebook for Null Pointer is still only .99 cents and the paperback is available just about anywhere for less than ten bucks. Can’t beat that. I have several loaner copies that I pass out whenever I can. Most coders really enjoy it. Mystery readers are tepid to it though. There’s not a real big audience for programmer sleuths out there. Knitting grannies are apparently far more interesting amateur sleuths.

I have two other novels I need to finish before I can write Kill Dash Nine, so hopefully I’ll start writing about white collar crimes again in 2015. Until then, thanks again for reading!

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