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First Thursday Signing, September First

I’ll be doing a book signing at Rediscovered Books on 8th Street, in Boise next month. I’m the featured author for First Thursday. Looking forward to meeting and talking with the people of my home city. I’ll be selling and signing copies of my mystery novel, NullPointer.

So tell all your friends to come out and see me and get the latest paperback version of Null Pointer.

Membership Drive For PFAI

Calling all fellow writers and readers. Popular Fiction Assoc. of Idaho who puts together the Mayhem in the Grove conference (formerly known as Murder in the Grove) are seeking new members to join our group. Since our conference is now open to all genre fiction, we would like to invite people from all local writing groups to join us at this informational meeting. During this meeting we hope to map out the future of the Mayhem in the Grove conference and the nonprofit organization.
We work together to bring to Idaho creative workshops, coveted agents and editors and our favorite authors.This is your chance to be a part of something incredibly fulfilling and challenging.

Over the years we have had some tremendous talent come to the Treasure Valley and we want to keep that spirit alive by bringing in new members with new and fresh ideas. Come to our meeting at Hastings located at Overland and Five Mile on Saturday August 20th, 7:00 pm. Bring your ideas and your enthusiasm and join us.

Victoria Gray
Mayhem in the Grove, member-at-large

QR Codes on Novels

There’s an interesting post on The Book Designer blog by author Camille Picott, about using QR codes on books. I use a QR code on the cover of Null Pointer and I believe you will start to see them cropping up on all over the place in a few years. My personal imprint, GB Press is going to be including them inside ebooks and on the back covers of paperbacks to advertise the web sites of the authors we publish.

It’s a compact, convenient way to communicate information and with with rise of smart phones, more and more folks will be using them in the near future.

Null Pointer, the GOOD and the BAD

There are two versions of Null Pointer out there in the wild. The only official version is the one by Johnny Batch. If you get one by Ken McConnell, it is no longer supported by GB Press. There are still some of those Code Ball cover versions available both in ebook and paperback, but they are inferior First Editions that are full of errors.

Old Version - BAD!
New Version - GOOD!










The new version by Johnny Batch is far better and cheaper in paperback at $9.95 and only $2.99 for the ebook. You can get the ebooks for Kindle, Nook and from Smashwords in other formats. It is not for sale in the Apple Store or Kobo. If you want an open version of the .epub, get it from Nook.

Thank you.

GBAD Election

This post is only for my readers who live in Boise, ID. I don’t post about politics much at all around here. But this time, I will make an exception. Here’s why.

On the ballot here in Boise on Tuesday May 17 is a vote for two open seats on the Greater Boise Auditorium District (GBAD) board. These positions are not partisan, in other words the people running are not running as a member of a particular political party. They are running to sit on a powerful board that will decide the fate of tourism in Boise.

In the interest of full disclosure, this election has direct financial implications for my family. My wife works for the BCVB (Boise, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau). Or rather she used to work for them. Until the current members of GBAD voted to close the highly successful BCVB over a fear of an alleged illegality that is based on a single law firm’s opinion. My wife and a few other loyal employees have been working as volunteers at the bureau since funding ran out in February of this year.

The candidates who we are endorsing and would love for you to vote for are Steve Schmader and Michael Sullivan. Both are fine, upstanding citizens of this community who have been following the politics of this particular GBAD board for over a year now. Neither man has business interests that would be affected by board decisions, and both want to bring back the BCVB who will continue to bring in outside events and fill not just hotel rooms but restaurants, bookstores and all manner of other retailers who thrive on tourism to this fine city.

If the BCVB is not funded by GBAD, it will be allowed to die. No city the size of Boise is without a CVB. Cities need to advertise in order to bring in conventions and tourism dollars. The current GBAD board does not allow for advertising to any groups that would not fit in their convention center. This limits the size of events that can be brought to Boise. So no more Special Olympics or similar sized events will be able to come to Boise. Eventually, retailers who now thrive in the city on tourism, will feel the pinch and slowly start to close. In a hard economy, cutting jobs due to lack of tourism is suicide for any city.

Please vote for Schmader and Sullivan on Tuesday and help restore sanity to this fine city.

Null Pointer Confusion

The ebook for Null Pointer has started to appear on Nook and Kindle. You may notice two versions out there for a few months. The book was originally released under my real name – Ken McConnell in 2009. Lackluster sales and confusion with my Science Fiction books caused me to create a pen name and relaunch the book. This year’s release is the one by Johnny Batch.

The biggest reason I’m taking the time to create this pen name, is to make readers aware that this book is NOT Sci-Fi, it’s straight up, traditional Mystery. Eventually, if you only read Mystery novels, you will never know me as anyone other than Johnny Batch. That’s fine. If you also like SF novels, I do encourage you to head over to my “other” writing blog – and check out those books.

If you already own Null_Pointer by Ken McConnell, rest assured that this new version is pretty much the same book you have already read. It’s been reedited and reformatted for this Second Edition and it has the new, splashier cover.

In a few weeks I will be launching a short story featuring Detective Plait, from Null Pointer and that will only be available in ebook format. The paperback version of the new Null Pointer by Johnny Batch will be available in late May.