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The first Joshua Jones Mystery novel.

Null Pointer Gifted to Chief TWiT

My good friend Nate McIntyre visited TWiT this Sunday and gave Leo Laporte a copy of my book. I hope he gets a chance to read it or at least pass it on to other folks who would like it. Here it is on the Chief TWiT’s desk. How cool is that?    

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Null Pointer Price Drop

We’ve lowered the price for the Null Pointer ebook in an effort to increase sales. At the moment, there are no plans to bring the price back to $2.99 or higher. There are also no plans for another novel in this “series” to be written this year. I might get to the second novel in […]

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Box ‘O Books

I’m ready for my signing at Rediscovered Books on First Thursday next month. I ordered an even twenty so I could have some leftovers on hand for emergencies. Here they are, all boxed in, five per stall.

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First Thursday Signing, September First

I’ll be doing a book signing at Rediscovered Books on 8th Street, in Boise next month. I’m the featured author for First Thursday. Looking forward to meeting and talking with the people of my home city. I’ll be selling and signing copies of my mystery novel, NullPointer. So tell all your friends to come out and see me […]

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If you have been thinking about becoming an Amateur Radio operator, I invite you to watch or listen to the latest show on the TWIT Network – HamNation. The show is co-hosted by Bob Heil and Gordon West, two pillars of the Ham community. It’s a great show and a fun way to get introduced […]

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Real Life vs Fiction

This is an article I wrote shortly after my father died. It explains why I have my Amateur Radio license and describes my dad and how Ham radio was the river that ran through his life. It was first published on the web site back in 2005. More after the article. A Real Life […]

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QR Codes on Novels

There’s an interesting post on The Book Designer blog by author Camille Picott, about using QR codes on books. I use a QR code on the cover of Null Pointer and I believe you will start to see them cropping up on all over the place in a few years. My personal imprint, GB Press […]

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Null Pointer Paperback on Amazon

FYI, you can now purchase Null Pointer in paperback from Amazon. If you are a fan of paperbacks, you will love this book. I think its the finest book GB Press have ever produced. Fits in your hand perfectly with the new 5 x 8 size and just looks professional in every way. The best […]

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Final Proof Complete

The Null Pointer paperback is ready for sale on Createspace for $9.95. It will be on Amazon soon. I’ll keep everyone up to speed on that. In the mean time, I’m back to plotting the next Joshua Jones book.

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Second Proof Uploaded

Worked on approving the first proof of the Null Pointer paperback this weekend and Byron, my graphic designer scrambled to make the new corrections. This morning I’ve uploaded them to Createspace and we should have the ball rolling for ordering the second proof this afternoon. If I get it by the end of the week, […]

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