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Null Pointer Gifted to Chief TWiT

My good friend Nate McIntyre visited TWiT this Sunday and gave Leo Laporte a copy of my book. I hope he gets a chance to read it or at least pass it on to other folks who would like it. Here it is on the Chief TWiT’s desk. How cool is that?    

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Quick Update on N_P Ebook

I did finish making the ebook of Null_Pointer this weekend. My graphic designer is working up some cover thumbnails and I might get a peak at them tomorrow. I just wanted to document that the epub was completed in less than three days in my spare time.

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N_P Ebook Complete

Wrapped up the ebook version of Null_Pointer this morning. All I need now is the cover art and it’s done. I can’t recommend Sigil enough for ebook creation. Once you are finished with your manuscript, put it in one big RTF file and then simply cut and past chapters into Sigil. I created my own […]

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Ebook Building has Begun

This week I’ve started to build up the xhtml pages that will become my first Mystery novel – Null_Pointer. I spoke with the cover artist and he’s working on finishing that up. For ebook creation, I use a program called Sigil. It’s Open Source and works on all platforms. If making ebooks is in your […]

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Nerdcore, Music By Nerds

I listen to nerdcore and if you code, you might want to listen to it too. It’s not the same as pop music or hip hop but usually its produced by and for coders. So there are lots of references to programming in the lyrics. My first exposure to nerdcore was with the classic Monzy […]

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Vi or Emacs?

Vi. ‘nuf said. Vi or Emacs? It’s one of those comment and IRC saws in the developer community. At least the UNIX developer community. Windows guys argue over – what? Visual Studio vs Notepad? Same for Mac developers. Nothing used to start a bitter flame war better than Vi or Emacs questions. For a while […]

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The Elegance of Clean

I’m using the WordPress theme called Thematic for this blog. It can be extended and changed quite extensively, but the default look is simple and clean. Almost Zen in it’s spartan use of graphics and liberal use of white space. I’m beginning to like it just the way it is. Oh sure, when I start […]

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Kill Dash Nine

My current WIP (Work In Progress) is a mystery about a programmer sleuth named Joshua Jones. The novel will be called Kill Dash Nine, or KD9 for short. Anyone worth their weight in salt will know that the title is a UNIX command (kill -9). Civilian readers will think the title refers to nine people […]

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The Batch Files

“a batch file is a text file containing a series of commands intended to be executed by the command interpreter.” — Wikipedia Consider me like a command interpreter and this blog a collection of my files containing commands intended to be executed by my readers. These commands are akin to enjoy the story, learn something, […]

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Hello World!

@ECHO off ECHO Hello World! PAUSE ECHO on

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