Ubuntu Annoyances

I have some things I’d like to bring to the attention of the Ubuntu developers. Some of these things are Gnome related and some of them are not.

1. When I have  a network drive shortcut, please don’t clutter my desktop with an icon. No other OS does this. It’s fine for jump drives and cameras and such, because those things are temporary.

2. Don’t forget my connection to the network drive when I reboot. I hate that. Not that I reboot that much but when I do and I have several network drives connected, reconnecting them is a bitch.

3. Give a higher priority to wireless network connection when laptops come out of sleep or when you first boot up. The Mac OS does this super fast, why can’t Ubuntu?

4. I have no idea what that red triangle with an exclamation mark inside it is. The message about repositories being out of date is unclear to a newbie. Make the message clearer or perhaps have a dialog box that walks them through deleting old repositories.

5. Make sure all pop-ups, and windows will fit on my puny netbook. Nothing gets my goat more than not being able to accept or deny something because I can’t see the damn option.

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