N_P Ebook Complete

Wrapped up the ebook version of Null_Pointer this morning. All I need now is the cover art and it’s done. I can’t recommend Sigil enough for ebook creation. Once you are finished with your manuscript, put it in one big RTF file and then simply cut and past chapters into Sigil. I created my own style sheet and will use it for all my novels.

One of the things I had in the manuscript were comment lines between scene breaks. They look like this /*———-*/ and any programmer can tell you that comment lines are how you hide comments in computer code. I originally had these much longer and when the ebook was viewed on a phone or ereader, it tended to wrap around and look terrible. So I shortened them to ten dashes.

Other lessons learned from my ebook creation include: always make separate pages for each chapter and or section break, like contents or dedication, and make sure you size your cover art to fit on a phone. There, now run along and start making your own ebooks.

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