Null Pointer Proof Copy In Hand

Createspace is really impressing me with their customer service. I uploaded the two pdf’s for my book Monday morning, had it approved by them before noon, and it was printed and in the mail before I got home that evening. I just got the proof copy in the mail yesterday. Four days from upload to in my hot little hands. That’s outstanding!

We opted for the 5 x 8 format this time and I just want to say, it’s a perfect size for a paperback. Slightly larger than a mass market paperback and more comfortable in the hand than the 6 x 9 trade paperback. The fit and finish of the proof is excellent. As good as can be with a print on demand service.

There are a few little changes that we need to make, but I’m confident that we can fix them this weekend and have the second proof in hand by next Friday. Which means I can probably push the “Go” button on selling it next Friday. That’s outstanding and unbelievably fast for taking a book to print.

Thank you Createspace team!

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