KD9 Writing Progress

This week has not been a particularly productive one for the novel. I’ve missed two writing sessions leaving me with just three days in which to add to the novel’s word count. I normally write during my lunchtime in what I refer to as my lunchtime writing sprints. They are just like coding sprints but only last an hour each work day.

On a good day I can write about five pages of the manuscript in an hour. Over time, that’s a pretty decent pace to produce a novel in about three months time. But I can’t write every day and sometimes I write on the weekends and in the evenings so it all averages out in the end.

The novel is currently sitting at 63 pages and just over 16K words long. I’m on Chapter 7 and I’ve just written the first turning point in the story. This is usually when the hero realizes that he’s now in full danger of dying and must decide to act in order to survive. Normally I would get to this point in less than 20 pages so I’m thinking this novel will either need to be re-structured or will wind up being much longer than the first one, Null Pointer. I’m leaning towards the later as I would prefer to give the reader more story to chew on this time around.

Above is a shot taken near the Boise Convention Center in downtown and you can just see the condo building where the main character, Joshua, lives. The neon lights are a new feature and look amazing at night. You can easily imagine that one of the lights in the windows of the condo is Joshua sitting at his computer, coding away.

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