Killer Music

When I first started to write Kill Dash Nine, I created a geeky playlist on Spotify. I did the same thing for Null Pointer. Music, as it would happen, became a central theme in the story. The killer plays Rockabilly tunes right before he stabs his victims.

The idea to do this has it’s roots in my screenplay writing roots. I will often visualize a scene before writing it. Playing it through in my head as if I were directing a movie. Writing screenplays and novels are completely different tasks, but I’ve found they are similar enough when creating scenes.

The original playlist is long and has all kinds of nerd core and synth enthused rock. Some of it inspired the story, most of it was just mood music to get me into a tech-mystery writing vibe. You can hear these tunes in this playlist on Spotify.

As I selected the particular songs used by the killer, I created a final, shorter playlist of every song mentioned in the novel. You can listen to that here. If you read the novel, the music appears in roughly the same order in this playlist. It’s not all Rockabilly, but most of it is and you probably know many of the songs.

Kill Dash Nine

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