Building Inspiration

Sorry, this is not an aspirational post. It’s about buildings that inspired me when I wrote Kill Dash Nine, my latest Mystery. Looking back through my digital albums, I didn’t have as many pictures as I thought I did. So this post might get an upgrade later on. In the meantime enjoy looking at a few iconic buidlings in Boise that have inspired me or are actual locations featured in the novel.

Joshua Jones’s apartment building. He’s actually on the floor at the roof line of the building in the foreground. Right near the top of the garage. I myself am terrified of hieghts, so I would never live there. But the views downtown would be spectacular. The actual building is the Aspen Lofts.

This is the apartment complex that Dancia lives in. I think she’s on the third floor. I don’t recall what the actual building is called, but I liked the look and it’s on the North side of town.

I’ve mentioned this one in a previous post. This is the stone house that inspired the arcade – Mashers. If you dig into the history of this house, how it used to be on the opposing corner and was owned by a church, you can see why I chose it. Also, it’s just so darn cool looking.

This is of course, Freak Alley where a character is killed early in the book. It’s become quite the tourist attraction lately, so having a grisly murder take place there, seemed appropriate.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll get out and about town this fall and get some more building shots. Much of Kill Dash Nine takes place in downtown Boise, Idaho.

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