Where I Write

A common question people ask writers is where do they write their novels? I don’t have a dedicated spot where I write at home. I do almost all of my writing on my lunch hour at the day job. I’m lucky enough to get an hour for lunch and to have a quiet place in a break room where I can slip into some headphones and drop right into my novel and start writing. I don’t need much inspiration, maybe some music, and I can start going pretty quickly. I call them my lunchtime writing sprints and I can usually knock out at least four or five pages in an hour.

I use an HP laptop (Spectre x360 Convertable 13t) running the latest Ubuntu Linux operating system. I write with LibreOffice and a browser open for research or to look at notes I have in Google Docs. I used to use specialized novel writing software, but eventually I just fell back on a word processor. It’s linear and hard to find things in my manuscript, but I have learned to use search and find pretty efficiently.

And that’s all there is to that. I think about what I’m going to write on the way to the break area and then open up the laptop and get to work. There is no waiting around for inspiration or gazing off into space. I think about the story and then I write the story.

Sometimes there’s a window and a nosey goose.

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