I’ve been road testing an HP Mini 100 this past week. A friend of mine owns it and is looking to unload it. I’ve been using it to see if I could live with it. Sort of test driving it.

I like the fact that he has put Ubuntu latest full edition on it. I installed the netbook version of Ubuntu and I just didn’t care for it. As long as I can use the full version without noticing any slow down – witch I can, why would I want to submit to the funky netbook menus?

The keyboard is small and that takes a bit of time to get used to, but it’s not a show stopper. The biggest issue I have with it is the screen size. When I use it for an extended period of time and then get on a 13″ lappy, the lappy seems huge.I think in the end, I really have to have the bigger screen. Then again, for the price of half of a 15 inch lappy, is the size of the screen really that critical?

I think the size of a netbook is the biggest asset of one. It’s really no bigger than the paper notebook that I carry with me all the time. If I can ditch the paper and go digital, I would be a very happy writer person. I would be less likely to carry a 13″ laptop and an e-reader.

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