Ubuntu 10.10

I successfully updated two Linux boxes today to the latest Ubuntu release. An HP Mini 100 and an old Pentium 2 desktop home brew. Both computers handled the update wirelessly and flawlessly.

I’ve made no secret over the years that my preferred operating system is Linux. For the past five years now I’ve been a loyal Ubuntu user. I still get excited about each new release and I still wonder why more people are not using free software.

I don’t pay for over priced hardware and I don’t pay for using the best operating system in the world. In these hard times, some people are just smarter with their money than others, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.10

  1. So, a couple days later on 10.10 and compared against your last post about the size of the netbook, what’s your thoughts now re the netbook’s viability as “the” portable writing system?

    I had some other issues with the netbooks, myself, but in truth once loaded I can see only the small screen size as a potential issue.

  2. At this point, I’m all but convinced that for writers, the netbook is a viable option. Especially if you use your laptop on the go. If all you do is write at home, get a 13 or a 15 inch laptop and be happy. But if you are on the go and travel frequently, the netbook is not a bad option.

    For me, that entails writing at work on my lunch break and whenever I can sit for a few minutes and knock out some editing or writing. I would replace the paper notebook I carry for notes with the netbook. It boots fast and is small enough to carry along with a Kindle.

    I’ve been doing copy edits on the little netbook for the past week and a half and so far have not had a problem with it. This is the most tedious writing activity I know of with a word processor. Using OpenOffice for this task has proved more than adequate.

    Another consideration is the heat generated by the Atom processor is not as great as the larger laptops. At least in comparison with my MacBook and the HP Mini 100.

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