Cyber Crime As Genre

I’m not sure how many writers are doing Cybercrime novels these days. Most of what’s out there that deals with technology tend to be Thrillers more than traditional Mysteries. So I guess I’m pioneering something new here. 

When I came up with the idea for Null Pointer, I was trying to appeal to a manager who loved mysteries and also worked in IT. But the more I thought about it, being a programmer is not that different than being a detective, which is why I made the detective more of a Watson and the amateur sleuth a programmer. In this way, I could explore technical stories and have the details explained to the cop by a functional expert. 

Having my detective be an average person regarding technology makes him more relatable to the average non-technical reader. The expertise of a programmer makes him relatable to those workers who also code and or work in IT. Admittedly, it’s a gamble for the genre. I mean, how many middle-aged women would find this stuff attractive? Not many, which is why I’ve always written these stories for IT professionals, not traditional Mystery readers.

I think that’s how you find your nitch in this business. I don’t believe many programmers read mystery novels. I’d wager that’s a very, very finite number. But everyone in IT who’s read Null Pointer winds up loving it. So maybe it’s just a matter of finding my audience over time. I mean, how many medical professionals read medical procedures? 

Maybe what I’m writing is more like a cyber procedural. 

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