Nerdcore, Music By Nerds

I listen to nerdcore and if you code, you might want to listen to it too. It’s not the same as pop music or hip hop but usually its produced by and for coders. So there are lots of references to programming in the lyrics.

My first exposure to nerdcore was with the classic Monzy video – Kill -9. For UNIX references and nerdy inside rimes you can’t get any better. And yes, I loved the title so much I’m using it for my next novel.

One of my favorite Nerdcore rappers is the queen of nerdcore – MC ROUTER. Her first and best song in my book was Control Panel. “Hell no you can’t level up on my chest!” Love that line.

There are plenty of other Nerdcore artists out there, go find them. You may decide that you like nerdy music.

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