Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know that Ubuntu has decided to steer away from Gnome Shell and go on their own for a desktop shell called Unity. I’m not going to debate whether that was a good decision. Progress marches on and all that.  I use Ubuntu and so I will have to adapt to Unity.

On first inspection though, I could not figure out Unity. Even after reading a tutorial I found online, I still find myself stumped about how to do some things. I believe that this confusion, more than anything is what Ubuntu needs to work on. Sure it’s buggy and needs further development, but what they need more than anything is a how-to web page with a video or something.

I’m using Unity on my netbook and my desktop. Even my son is using it on the desktop and he just told me he likes it. He’s seven. Kids, they learn much faster than adults. 😉

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