Ebook Building has Begun

This week I’ve started to build up the xhtml pages that will become my first Mystery novel – Null_Pointer. I spoke with the cover artist and he’s working on finishing that up. For ebook creation, I use a program called Sigil. It’s Open Source and works on all platforms. If making ebooks is in your future you might want to give it a try.

The manuscript endured one final edit this week to take care of bugs that the Beta Readers and advanced readers have caught. Lesson for all you Indie writers out there; find the smartest folks you can to read your final edit. They will save you from looking bad, every time.

My goal is to complete the epub this weekend and then work with the graphic designer to finish up the cover. Below is the working design for it. Fonts and images will be tweaked but the over-all look is pretty final.

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