Null Pointer Ebook For All

As I prepared to launch the ebook premier of Kill Dash Nine (06OCT2020), I realized that the first Joshua Jones Mystery – Null Pointer, was only available on Kindle. So I’m relaunching it onto all the major platforms to match the distribution of KD9.

Null Pointer Paperbacks

Now if you want to read both books in order, you’ll have that opportunity as soon as KD9 comes out. Currently, I have no plans to put the Null Pointer paperback in a larger market. But if more than both of my fans start buying it again and there’s enough demand, who knows?

I’ll hit the interwebs next Tuesday to make sure everyone knows that Null Pointer is available everywhere in ebook. To that end, I’ve been doing some web based ads for the launch. Sometimes, the simplist image gets the point across to your niche audience.

When your book title can kill.

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